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Destination Moon

Monthly Movie Spotlight: Destination Moon

by M V Moorheadon May 8, 2018
Made nearly two decades before the title destination was reached in real life, Destination Moon (1950) is a landmark in sci-fi cinema, a fairly serious-minded attempt, co-scripted by Robert A. Heinlein, to depict a scientifically plausible lunar expedition. It’s a little too serious-minded, really. The director was the memorable character actor Irving Pichel, and his […]
The Kings of Summer

Suddenly, Last Summer: Go way, way back to 2013 for a couple of summer movies you might have missed

by PFCS Adminon May 6, 2018
The 2018 summer movie season is getting ready to kick into high gear, but in the meantime take a trip way, way back  to 2013 with PFCS member, Nick Spake, and check out a couple of fun summer-themed movies you might have missed. Check out Nick’s reviews of The Way Way Back and The Kings […]