Phoenix Film Critics Society

The Phoenix Film Critics Society is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit, self-funded, independent organization consisting of professional film critics and film journalists in Arizona.

Mission Statement:

  • To support film as an art form by recognizing outstanding achievement in cinema through our Annual Awards presentation;
  • to assist Arizona film festivals with jury representation;
  • to uphold the integrity and professionalism of the practice of film criticism;
  • to foster, safeguard the interests of and provide professional support for its members.


Founded in October 2000 by David Ramsey and Roger Tennis. We started with ten original members. The PFCS quickly gained attention from the major film studios and independent film distributors. One of the reasons for the recognition was that all members are established film critics in Arizona.

“We felt that establishing the Society would generate recognition and respect for the Phoenix area critics that other cities’ critics currently enjoy,” said Ramsey. “Many of the award-worthy films open in Phoenix after the fact, missing many of our top ten lists. With the Society, we hope to ensure timely screenings of those films.”

“We wanted to put Phoenix on the short list of cities that are important to the studios and independents,” added Tennis. “One of our goals as a Society is to promote film in Arizona by helping to involve the community in support of the motion picture as an art form.”

Annual Awards:

The Society presents an entire slate of awards each year. To qualify, films must be screened in the Phoenix area per the important dates released every year . Screenings can be in a theater or on available video formats. Only critic members of the Society may vote. Voting now takes place in mid-December and winners are announced soon after. The films must open in theaters prior to the end of the year to be eligible for awards consideration.