Dawn Underwood

Dawn UnderwoodMy Story…

How it all began

How do years of being a Mechanical Engineer working in the Aerospace industry prepare someone for the entertainment biz? Besides the obvious, there are plenty of opportunities to hone your acting talents each time you smile and say “yes sir, everything’s great!” And then there’s always the chance to perfect your tap dancing skills once a year during your performance review. But mostly, being held captive by Corporate America is a huge motivator to find a way out and give up a long standing membership in CDOA (Cubicle Dwellers of America).

The “great escape”

The plan known as the “great escape” started with writing a screenplay. Yes, just write a screenplay, make the movie and become rich and famous, because every screenplay gets made into a hit movie, right? When that didn’t go as planned, a couple of world famous DJ’s said, “Hey, why don’t you review movies for us?” Then, just as any not-quite-certifiably crazy people would do, we created our own hit weekly movie review TV show. Until one of us (nope, wasn’t me) decided the “great escape” was just too much work. But, the show and the escape plan go on. Listen for me on great radio stations across the country and look for me on TV…you just never know where you might see me.