Janet Tennis

Janet TennisWith experience in the broadcast industry, Janet is producer/director/editor of the long-running nationally syndicated, award-winning TV series CLIPS (Cinema Lovers Information Program Series) and is social media manager/webmaster for the show’s accompanying internet presence: cinemaclips.

After many requests for Roger’s opinion on the movies selected for CLIPS, Roger and Janet started the website to supplement the show. Over the years cinemaclips.com has expanded from just Rog’s reviews of the movies to also include favorite DVDs, Top Ten lists, celeb photos,¬†interviews and news plus Janet’s (social media) Take on select movies.

Film reviews and movie info at: cinemaclips.com

Twitter: @cinemaclips

Facebook: cinemaCLIPS

Instagram: rogerandjanet

tumbler.: rogerandjanettennis

Google+: Janet Tennis