Patrick King

Patrick King

Patrick King is a movie reviewer for the Tucson Local Media news organization and his personal blog REEL BRIEF – Movie Reviews for Busy People.  A native of Eugene, Oregon, King’s interest in movies started at the age of 9, with the release of Steven Spielberg’s thriller “Jaws” in 1975.  Years later, his passion for movies led King to study American film-making and early cinema genres at Oregon State University, where he graduated from and entered the U.S. Air Force.

During his 24-year Air Force career as a lieutenant colonel, C-130 evaluator pilot, and presidential advance agent for Air Force One, King became a strong advocate for getting films shown for U.S. servicemen and women serving down range during his 16 deployments. As an aircrew member and squadron commander, he felt movies afforded military members a vital break from sustained combat operations and an opportunity to stay connected to their American culture back home.

While stationed in the Republic of Korea, King began writing movie reviews for friends and family members on social media sites.  As his readership continued to grow, he launched the REEL BRIEF – Movie Reviews for Busy People website.

Seven months prior to his retirement from the Air Force, King became a freelance writer and was hired by 10/13 Communications as their film critic for the Explorer newspaper. King’s reviews continue to serve the NW Tucson area, as well as the cities of Marana and Oro Valley, Arizona.

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