Zachary Pope

Zachary PopeFilm has been major part of Zachary Pope’s life since the diaper days. Some of his earliest memories were going to the local movie theater with his family, first introducing him to all sorts of fantastic films like Toy Story, Indiana Jones, Gremlins, Creature From the Black Lagoon and of course, Star Wars.

These films were always on repeat as a child with countless VHS and DVD copies breaking and needing to be replaced. Film has always been an escape for him. No matter what else he is facing in his life, he believes that film is one of the main things that can bring people together, even the most unlikely matches.

Following this passion after high school, Zach went on in 2015 in to create his own youtube channel, which was inspired from other critics like Chris Stuckmann, Jeremy Jahns, Leonard Maltin, The Schmoes Know, Scott Mantz and even William Bibbiani. This channel was created to meet other film fanatics, discuss and dissect film, but also provide a safe place to share thoughts about movies without feeling judged.

In October of 2017 Zach partnered with John Meneghetti’s website, Sandwichjohnfilms, a website that participates in giving not only the latest movie news and reviews, but also providing advanced screenings and giveaways. The energy of his youtube channel jived perfectly with the tone of the website. He likes to look at himself as not just a Film Critic now, but also someone who loves watching and talking movies. His career has only just begun and he looks forward to wherever this journey takes him.

Zach Pope YouTube Channel