The PFCS was established to provide a collective voice for Phoenix area film critics and to promote the art of film criticism and its practitioners. Actions that violate the ethical standards of the PFCS are prohibited to any member in good standing.

  1. Film reviews and voting for PFCS Awards must reflect the reviewer’s honest opinion only. A PFCS member may not accept explicit dictates or wording from any other person or entity in a film review.
  2. A PFCS member may only provide advance quotes on films that are taken from actual reviews that have been or will be broadcast or printed.
  3. A PFCS member may not receive any remuneration for reviews or votes other than from an employer.
  4. A PFCS member may only accept token promotional gifts from studios or networks or other representatives of film or television producers, directors or actors or their marketing or publicity representatives.
  5. A PFCS member may accept transportation, lodging and food expenses from studios and other film marketers when attending junkets, screenings and press days.
  6. A PFCS member may not participate in the marketing or promotion of a film in such a manner that it would call into question his objectivity and compromise subsequent reviews.
  7. PFCS members must behave in a professional manner at all times. This includes, but is not limited to, courteous respectful treatment of screening representatives, agency and theatre personnel, other members of the press and the public.
  8. Any PFCS member, other than the President, must not represent themselves as spokesperson for the Society unless authorized by the President, or a majority of the Board, to do so.
  9. PFCS members may not violate studio or agency rules.
  10. PFCS members can not engage in an activity that could embarrass the organization.

Any confirmed violation of PFCS ethical standards will lead to sanctions and could lead to dismissal from the PFCS. Information suggesting that any of the above rules were violated should be provided to the PFCS President.